DEEP DOWN CLEAN: This is the perfect starting point if it’s been a while since you were able to get in there with your toothbrush and scrub the goop out of the grout! We dive deep. Baseboards, cabinets, ceiling fans… they all love dust, grease and grime. We are here to bid them adieu. This package is a fantastic way to kick off your cleaning if you’re seeking to start a routine clean cycle.

ROUTINE CLEAN PACKAGES: The best way to live in cleanliness is to clean regularly. We’d happily put you on the schedule to receive a routine clean… whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly, or one a month, we can step in and take this item off your plate. We even love to carve out a little time on our routine cleans for a “15-minute focus”…. a special project you’d like us to dedicate some extra love to… maybe some organization of the pantry, tidy up of the laundry room, or clear out of a messy closet.

CUSTOM CLEAN: Do you have an event to prepare for or clean up after? Maybe a special project… like a garage cleanout or a construction clean out after a renovation? We won’t turn our noses up at your mess!